Unfortunately I got sick (luckily it wasn’t COVID-19) during the week of the intensive project and had to work on my story during my busiest week of my last spring semester. It was also a challenge having to find room to work on the story in between producing Morning Edition for WLRN and school.

However, as busy as this week has been, I am grateful that I had my mentor Veronica Zaragovia by my side, as well as the whole Next Gen Radio crew. They were flexible enough to allow me to continue my story with them even with their busy schedules, so I would like to thank everyone.

The biggest thing I learned was to be quiet during the interviews for my non-narrative story. I also learned about the overall needs of a non-narrative piece compared to a regular feature story, including making sure the source answers questions in complete sentences and is very clear/detailed oriented in their answers, so the listener does not get confused while listening.

The audio editing was something I was already familiar with, but sound editing with PJ Shahamat was interesting since he uses a different DAW software than me. So in that aspect, I was able to learn more about other software that I was not used to, as well as different audio editing techniques.

This project has definitely put me one step closer to my goal of working for the NPR headquarters, as well as my desire of being an international reporter for them

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