When an advisor from a past internship originally sent me the application link to NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project, I did not even click on it. I thought, “I’m too busy and I’m not qualified for that. Maybe next year.”

In my busiest semester yet, as a third-year student athlete, I was in the middle of finishing the fall sailing season, my second to last fall semester, interviews for summer internships, and my on-campus job.

I thought I simply did not have enough time to send in an application for something that seemed too good to be true. However, the more I ignored the link, the more it found me.

A week later, someone else sent me the link. The next week, another person. Every time the link was sent to me, I found myself getting distracted by what I was working on and reading past projects or daydreaming about the story I could tell if I was selected for the project.

Finally, two days before it was due, I stayed late at work and asked my coach if I could skip practice. Typing away, until I was the only one in the building, I submitted the application.

Two weeks later when I found out that I was selected for the project, I was shocked.

Although I had stalked the website for many weeks and dreamed about getting this email, being selected for the project still felt very unexpected.

Today, I am extremely grateful I trusted myself and made the time to take a chance on something that felt untouchable. From the beginning of the week I knew I was where I was meant to be.

Working on this project with NPR’s Next Generation Radio has not only introduced me to many new skills in radio, it has also taught me to take time to go after what I want. I have learned more hands-on skills this week than I could ever learn in a Zoom class and I now know that no matter what my next goals are, trusting in myself and approaching the unexpected are worth it.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Maybe it will pay off.


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