What an incredible experience in just five days. This week of learning and training has been so beneficial to my career as a journalist, and I’m eager to take these skills and implement them into my work as a freelance journalist and with my podcast as I soon relaunch. I’m grateful that I was able to have my main interview completed ahead of time and that I was able to overcome the challenge of my subject being out of town this week. Our field constantly requires us to pivot and recalibrate, so I would say it was a good challenge.

I learned so much about Adobe Audition and was super-impressed with our audio tech, Selena’s ability to teach such complex and tedious concepts in layman’s terms and in ways that stick with you. I will definitely take the audio and editing skills and use them to develop clearer sounds for my podcast.

The web story was the portion that I would say was least challenging as far as the actual story goes. I’ve always struggled with writing headlines but brain dumping a few ideas and working with my digital editor, Alexis, and my mentor Cristela to choose which one was so helpful. I was impressed that we ended up going with one that I came up with and I didn’t have to rely on Alexis or other editors to generate one for me.

Overall, I’m very happy to have worked with such a great team and to have a great mentor. Everyone was super-helpful and available to explain things that I didn’t understand or to just lend their advice to produce a better outcome. I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of this project and I can’t wait to share the finished product.

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